Want to attract millennials online? Here’s how!

Millennials are those who were born between 1980-1995. Currently between the ages of 23 and 38, and admittedly one of the first generations to spend their formative years online – it is now more important than ever to learn how to cater to them as eCommerce customers.

1. The Social Shopper

This pool of people like to follow the friends lead or way. Accounting for nearly 50% of millennial shoppers, they are highly influenced by friends and family members when shopping.

Did you know? 65% of millennials consider the opinions of their family and friends when making purchases.

To reach “the social shoppers”: Offer a way for them to capture, organise and share products they are considering purchasing or have already bought from you. For example, you can encourage shoppers to share photos of their purchases on social media, create an online “wish list” of products they want to buy and make it easy for them to save prospective purchases in their shopping carts for later.

2. The Deal Hunter

This group of people love a coupon. Bargain Hunters are more likely to purchase from an ecommerce site when deals are to be had.

Want to know how to reach them? Maybe try and email or text them a discount code. Notifying these consumers immediately when you are offering a deal is key, so get them to sign up for text messages from you and to follow you on social media, then share codes there.

3. The Top Shopper

Nearly 50% of respondents fall into this category, which prefers things handed to them with ease and no complications. Feeling valued and rewarded is important to these Millennial shoppers.

Did you know? 48% of millennials stated that a free delivery would convince them to make a purchase.

Our advice? You could try setting up a loyalty program and reward them for purchases with loyalty points, free gifts, or VIP treatment. These Millennials also love personalised shopping experiences. You could always keep in mind that you can track their past purchases and send them suggestions for new products they may like based on that information.

4. The Impetus Buyer

Millennials make impulsive purchases. 82% reported that they have purchased an item the first time they saw it.

So, tips to reach Impulse Buyers: Make sure your website offers suggestions or recommendations for related products as customers are browsing. You can also send these buyers alerts about new products based on what they have purchased in the past.

Millennials seem like the biggest population with the most purchasing power right now. As with all types of customers, it pays to build a personalised relationship with them to gain loyalty and trust. You should look at your brand / eCommerce site and find out what you can change around to cater most especially to these discerning consumers. The results are totally worth it.

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