The role of creativity in digital advertising

With the everyday growing technology, your approach to digital marketing needs to be smarter, creative and informative to stand out in the noise. The digital target audience has become sophisticated and consumers now expect the digital world to be cutting-edge.


Simply advertising can never be effective unless and until it is appealing, and it can only appeal once it is creative.

In the digital era, a business no longer sells products and services, it needs to convey emotion and to share feelings. Whether you use social media or Google Ads, you must empathize with the customers and meet their needs using more personal means and messages, closer to what they want to hear. As a result, creativity and originality become crucial factors in conceiving plans and strategies which stir emotions, and only afterwards the desire to buy.

With each digital marketing campaign, there are different creative elements you can employ to set your brand apart from the rest, the main ones being:


A powerful tool to grab the viewer’s attention quickly and hold onto it. Insight shows that 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media.


Can be used to help you convey your culture and products/services visually. It is proven that content incorporating visuals assets perform better than without in terms of engagement and results.


When deployed with text-based content you can build more engaging materials.


In marketing, content is the information and experience sharing that is directed towards an end-user or audience. Content is considered good when it delivers the right message to the mind of the customer.


Audio enables more options for interaction with your brand through podcasts, radio or other. Podcasting is a great way to promote your brand and products and its growth is sky-rocketing – in the UK alone, a staggering nine million people now listen to a podcast every week, up from approximately 6 million last year.


Colour can have a tremendous psychological impact on people so usage of colour in advertising is often a very important choice.

It is essential that these elements are well executed and targeted so to engage the audience and drive leads.


What is your creative style? Is it effective and does it resonate with your target audience? Contact us to find out how we can help!