People are listening – the ENORMOUS benefits of Podcast Sponsorship

Podcasting is a great way to promote your brand and products and its growth is sky-rocketing – in the UK alone, a staggering nine million people now listen to a podcast every week, up from approximately 6 million last year.


According to Apple statistics, there are: 750,000 active podcast shows with more than 30 million episodes. And it’s no surprise that those numbers are climbing daily.

The increase is across all age groups, but the steepest growth is now among young adults aged 18-34 – with around 61% now listening to podcasts every week.

According to a recent research, one third of those listening to podcast had purchased a product or service they discovered through a podcast.

Instead of feeling like you need to dive in with both feet and become a podcaster yourself, you can reach your desired audience through podcast sponsorship.


Why podcast sponsorship works so well?
 Podcasters are by far the most loyal and engaged audience out there

When podcasters speak in a listener’s ear, it feels as they are being spoken to more directly. Audience members form relationships with the host and become more rapidly addicted with the content. A recent research shows that over half of those listening stated that they trust podcast hosts more than traditional TV or radio presenters, and 47% say this means that they trust the information they hear on podcasts too.

The quality of podcast listeners is very high

The shows that people listen are carefully selected and curated by topic. According to, the audience has made a conscious choice to listen to podcasts, and are much more invested in a topic, and by association, the products and services advertised.

Podcasts can be taken ANYWHERE the listener goes

People tend to listen podcasts while doing other things and that way they consume more of that content. As a result, many listeners say that podcasts become part of their daily routine.

Placement of the Podcast Sponsorship Ads

Usually, the podcast host will talk about their sponsors in one of two places in the podcast — the beginning of the podcast (pre-roll) – typically last around 15-seconds or the middle of the podcast (mid-roll).

Some podcast hosts offer end-of-show ads as well. They’re the last ad that listeners hear before the show ends and it’s a final call to action in a way, which helps drive more results for advertisers.

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